History of the Empire

64 Veratus XXI
-Emperor Veratus XXI assassinated by unknown assailants in his sleep

1 Gethsemane XIII
-Coronation of Ezral Ferur, 22, who taking the regnal name of Gethsemane XIII.
-Assassination attempt made on Emperor Gethsemane XIII. Again in his sleep. Assassins escape. A single guard, with a history of gambling debt, is found slain in his house, along with his family. Suspected that he aided Assassins, and he became compromised.

3 Gethsemane XIII
-Emperor Gethsemane XIII settles all wars and debuts from the reign of Veratus XXI. Trade business booms throughout the Empire, as goods return from countries that previously had embargos due to war.

12 Gethsemane XIII
-Emperor Gethsemane XIII and his wife welcomes their twin children into the world. A celebration begins for the birth of Edonus and Aelius.

24 Gethsemane XIII
-The nation of Varith begins a war with the edges of the Empire in a grab for land, backed, and likely goaded into, by it’s neighbors, Trilan and Rervus, thinking Emperor Gethsemane did not have the stomach for war, given his quick end to his predecessors wars. They were proven wrong as 6 of the 10 legions, 100 score and 100 soldiers, per legion, marches to put the conflict in the course of a day. The legions continue their march into Varith. Reparations are payed to the empire by Trilan and Rervus, and Varith becomes a province in the Empire. Varith’s now former Prime Minister kept as political hostage.

37 Gethsemane XIII
-Assassination attempt made on General Arteru Martis. General Martis, caught off guard during an meal in his office, fought back, and disarmed (by dismemberment) the assailant. Assailant used a kill switch to erupt in an explosion, in a last ditch attempt to kill General Martis, however Martis was able take cover, managing to save himself. Martis was able to identify the assassin as Varthian. Former Varthian Prime Minister is question, and is found to have sent the assassin his orders just weeks before the attempt. The Prime Minister is executed publicly.

History of the Empire

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