The mighty Fileo Empire. Realm of Emperor Gethsemane XIII, and ruled from the very pinnacle of civilization in the city of Venure. It is a nation of culture and freedoms. Much of it’s bloody history is forgiven in favor of the many great things it has given to the world. And it’s legions of soldiers have kept the people of the empires safe and at peace for centuries.

But as with all things that prosper, there are those who wish to see it fall. Bandits and Brigands who wish to take without earning. Nations jealous of its prosperity, and seek to undo all that has stood for longer than they have existed.

Tired of the mighty nation constantly being at odds with one faction or another, General Martis seeks to create a proactive solution. He wishes to create a new arm of safety and protection for the empire. The rules of war and engagement have only done to hamper the safety of the Empire, as their enemies follow no such rules. Even their allies question the tactics and merits of Imperial Honor, when it only hinders them. So now, he seeks to create a unit exactly like what they’ve been missing. Soldiers who do the dirty work behind the scenes. Assassinations; Kidnapping; Interrogations with questionable techniques. But they are never to be acknowledge for any of their deeds out loud. Credit will never be publicly due to them. But their actions will hopefully save the empire from the enemies that creep at their heels. And maybe, just maybe, the empire will be safe for just a little longer.

For the Empire

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